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It’s a good movie, good food, and hopefully, a good post.


Necklaces are without a doubt my accessory of choice at the moment, so much so that I couldn’t decide between these two and decided to layer them instead.  \o/ for indecisiveness! The lovely necklace with the burnt orange rosettes is an upcoming release from Tenshi Vielle’s Boutique and the triple strand of pearls (tendwatchers say this is a big one and I love them!) is another favourite from Atelier AM.

Despite the indulgence in jewelry, the outfit itself remains a casual one and the layering continues..


Both tops are from Surf Co. and as you can see the tank top alone is quite revealing (cue cleavage and side boob!), so if you dare to bare by all means do – it’s a great little tank.  However, I erred on the side of modesty and used the top part of the cabana dress, which also served to add a bit more depth to the colour scheme by adding a dash of red to the neutrals.  Beyond that, simplicity prevails.  A nice dark pair of skinny jeans and some ankle boots and I’m ready to catch a set at The Velvet . Oh, and the hat? I think that’s the icing on the cake!

A special thank you to Tenshi Vielle, Emma Gilmour, and Torrid Midnight for sharing your creations with me! Much love!


Photoshoot music: La Roux – In for the Kill

Doll parts after the cut.



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