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“I think that people who can’t believe in fairies aren’t worth knowing.” -Tori Amos.

Granted, it’s pretty hard to believe in a fairy without wings, so I will cut you some slack.


While this look may not seem like your typical outdoorsy attire, there are a few references to nature which helped to inspire the fairy-ness.  Neutral colours combined with blues and corals set the tone, while the sculpted petal skirt and flower accessories amplify the theme.

Another important part of this look is the skin.  I love when makeup can be bold, yet still soft and pretty and Pididdle’s Lien skin in Float does just that.  And even better, from June 1st – 10th Pididdle is having a sale with all Lien skins marked down to 450L to coincide with their photo contest. More details and information on that can be found here.


I aaaalmost went barefoot for this look, but finally decided on ballet slippers as I like to think fairies would have a natural aptitude for that sort of thing.  Seeing as I’m lacking wings, if I can’t fly I better be able to dance :p

All in all this look is one that makes me feel a little lighter and happier and isn’t that what it’s all about?


P.S. Fairies, Faeries, whichever.

Photoshoot music: Little Boots – New in Town

Doll parts after the cut.



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