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I have a few new(ish) faces I’d like to introduce you to..


Annyka Bekkers is back with a new line of Blowpop skins and while I’ve always been impressed with her work, this newest bunch has blown away previous expectations.

Each name not only has a distinct range of skin tones and makeups, but the facial details completely transformed the look of my avatar from one skin to the next.  It should be noted that I used the same shape for each, so you can really see the difference the skin makes.

Each makeup also comes with two different lip options ending the battle of nude vs. bold.  If you’re an indecisive shopper like I tend to be, having the choice of both in one purchase should prove very helpful.  And for the eyebrow girls, it also includes three different shapers.


For me, the face always sells the skin, but there are two areas of the body I pay particular attention to – the collarbone and the abdomen.   Both are done exactly the way I would hope.  The collarbone is beautiful enough to catch the eye, but doesn’t protrude unecessarily and the abdomen is shaded to perfection without falling in to the six pack trap.

If you’ve got a partner, chances are there are other parts of your body he/she cares more about, but they’ll be happy too! Annyka’s attention to detail fully extends to the umm.. centre of the blowpop and she makes the cutest bums.

I guess what I’m trying to say is – if God is in the details then hallelujah Annyka!

P.S. I’m partial to Ava.

Photoshoot music: Coconut Records – Any Fun

Doll parts after the cut.



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Haha I apologize for the title, but I couldn’t resist.  Buck is good too.


Whippet & Buck is a relatively new store on the scene, though you’d never know it by looking at the clothing.  It was originally an offshoot of Dakota Buck’s, Savvy?, and is now owned by her RL best friend known in-world as, Twiggy Whippet. I’ll quote directly from the store profile, “we’re classing up the joint”, and they weren’t lying.


I think pencil skirts are great, but I think pencil skirts paired with suspender style straps are really great.  As with all of the store’s inventory, this skirt comes in a varitey of colours, but I couldn’t resist the blueberry yum yum effect of the purple on blue.  Just a few racks over was the answer to my question, “what to wear with this?”, and at 60L a pop I’d definitely consider this boatneck shirt a staple.

Shoes anybody? Admittedly, shoes aren’t my “thing”, but Pixel Mode’s 50L sale had me pretty damn excited about shoes! It was a stroke of luck that Pixel Mode’s Berry shade was a near perfect match with Whippet & Buck’s Bordeaux as these shoes make the outfit just a little bit saucy.  Bon apetit!


P.S. I’m currently loving skins with painted lashes.  So much so,  I’ve gone prim lashless for days (srsly).

Photoshoot music: Metric – Sick Muse

Doll parts after the cut.


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