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As promised, today I’ll be featuring This is a Fawn’s Leda dress by OMGWTF Barbecue.fawn1

In reading OMGWTF’s blog I learned that this dress was inspired by Rodarte’s earliest collections which incorporated cobwebs of lace and transparency in beautiful watercolours  reminding viewers of Leda and the Swan.   The result is a semi-transparent, babydoll-esque dress complete with hammered bustier and panties aptly named, Leda.  And don’t forget the foof! Very foofy.

I certainly appreciate the reason for the transparency, however for me personally it walks the fine line between dress and lingerie.  That’s the beauty about this dress is it can really be either!


You can see in my first picture I’ve left the transparency settings as is (40), however, the skirt is mod and by setting the transparency to zero you can really see the texture work and soft gradient colour. What you can’t see is the panties and skin.  This would be my personal preference for wear around the grid, with the former being reserved for photos and more intimate scenarios.  Yes, I’m a prude.

The quality and quantity of OMGWTF’s collection is certainly increasing and I look forward to seeing what This is a Fawn’s new mainstore will hold.  You can look for the grand opening tomorrow, July 11th from 7PM – 9PM SLT at the Starlust which promises new releases, sale items, and music.  And in the meantime, check out her moving sale with 50% off of everything and a new item in the lucky chair.  Last day!

Photoshoot Location: Monkey Knife Fight Club House
Photoshoot Music: The Sounds – 4 Songs & A Fight

Doll parts after the cut.



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“I think that people who can’t believe in fairies aren’t worth knowing.” -Tori Amos.

Granted, it’s pretty hard to believe in a fairy without wings, so I will cut you some slack.


While this look may not seem like your typical outdoorsy attire, there are a few references to nature which helped to inspire the fairy-ness.  Neutral colours combined with blues and corals set the tone, while the sculpted petal skirt and flower accessories amplify the theme.

Another important part of this look is the skin.  I love when makeup can be bold, yet still soft and pretty and Pididdle’s Lien skin in Float does just that.  And even better, from June 1st – 10th Pididdle is having a sale with all Lien skins marked down to 450L to coincide with their photo contest. More details and information on that can be found here.


I aaaalmost went barefoot for this look, but finally decided on ballet slippers as I like to think fairies would have a natural aptitude for that sort of thing.  Seeing as I’m lacking wings, if I can’t fly I better be able to dance :p

All in all this look is one that makes me feel a little lighter and happier and isn’t that what it’s all about?


P.S. Fairies, Faeries, whichever.

Photoshoot music: Little Boots – New in Town

Doll parts after the cut.


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